Market knowledge

AGIMIX Poland is a manufacturer of agitators for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, chemical, fuel, dye industry and for environmental sector. We specialize in design and manufacture of customized agitators. We have already completed many projects in Poland and abroad. We have big experience in the supply of agitators for wastewater treatments, more than 100 digester tanks in the world work with our agitators. We have also supplied a lot of agitators for fuel storage facilities and we know the specifics of this industry. We are able to offer many solutions that meet high requirements of this industry. We are almost exclusive suppliers of agitators in many chemical companies in Poland. A lot of applications are also used in food industry, for example in breweries. Our agitators meet requirements of pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. We successfully supply agitators to biogas plants.

Fuel industry Biogas plants

Wastewater treatment Food industry

Dye industry Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry


Our team have more than 30 years experience and huge technical knowledge in this field. We solved many of our customer problems connected to mixing technique. We offer reliable machines using proven solutions.

Individual approach

There are some technological processes that cannot be compared to another ones. We are one of the few companies which undertakes the most untypical projects. Before offer agitator we start from a precise familiarization with our customer needs, especially process specificity and mixing products. We often visit the client in his factory. We prepare preliminary project, show it to the client and listen carefully to his comments. If necessary, we make some corrections, we consult our solutions with tank suppliers and automation and control industries. Everything is to deliver a product which meets individual requirements.